• Welcome to Mrs. Aylor's

    5th Grade ELAR Classroom! 

    My Schedule

    Students Arrive 7:45-8:15

    Block 1 - 8:15-9:30

    Teacher Planning Period (Students in PE/Electives)

    Block 2 - 9:33-10:48

    Regular ELAR

    Block 3 - 10:51-12:06

    Advanced ELAR

    Block 4 - 12:09-2:09

    Advanced ELAR 12:09-12:56

    Recess 12:56-1:11

    Lunch 1:11-1:41

    Continue with Block 4 1:41-2:09

    Block 5 - 2:12-3:30

    Regular ELAR



    Don't forget to read each day/night!


    Tutoring: Monday & Wednesday morning 7:45-8:10 am

    Tuesday & Thursday afternoon if needed (I will reach out to parents.)



    Our Ship: Valor

    val·or /ˈvalər/ noun

    "Valor" means great courage in the face of danger.


    At Harrison, each student has a team of teachers that loves them and works tirelessly to help them be successful. Each team of teachers and students is called a "ship". Go Buccaneers!!  Our ship name was chosen with our students in mind. We do NOT anticipate danger in 5th grade, but we do know that attempting new things sometimes takes great COURAGE!  On Valor, we strive to be brave, have courage, do our best in everything and stand up for what’s right (even when it's hard). We are more than just a group of students and teachers...we are a family.  In my personal opinion VALOR is the BEST ship and we are so glad you're here!!

    Your Valor Teachers:
    Mrs. Aylor (Me!) - ELAR
    Ms. Shewmake - Math
    Mrs. McLarty - Science  
    Ms. Schwering - Social Studies