Wylie Way: Relational Skills

  • In Wylie ISD we teach Relational Skills! We are so proud to place relationships first and continue to promote the Wylie Way in our schools. Teaching Relational Skills helps support learning about and living out the core values set forth by our community. Our schools are trained in relational practices and our students are continuing to learn and develop the Relational Skills needed to be successful. It’s the Wylie Way!

    The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and Texas Education Code requires us to teach students how to:

    • Manage emotions
    • Establish and maintain positive relationships
    • Make responsible decisions
    • And develop positive character traits and personal skills

    To read more about those required TEKS and mandates from Texas Education Code, please visit these resources:

    For more information on Relational Skills, contact Deidra Winn at Deidra.Winn@wylieisd.net.

    Wylie Way Positive Character Trait Curriculum Site

    TEA Resources

    Tiered Interventions for Behavior

Contact Information

  • Deidra Winn
    Deidra Winn
    Relational Skills Learning Specialist/Elementary Lead Counselor