Art Classes
  • Art 1

    Students in Art I will use a variety of art techniques and supplies.

    Unit 1: Line, Shape & Value

    Unit 2: Color, Space & Pattern

    Unit 3: Form, Texture, and Proportion

    Unit 4: Artistic Voice, Unity, Theme



    Art 2

    Students in Art II will use their knowledge gained from Art I and incorporate them into a painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramic, printmaking, collage, or computer design.

    Unit 1: Unity, Contrast & Movement

    Unit 2: Form, Figure & Proportion

    Unit 3: Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm

    Unit 4: Alternative Media, Variety



    Art 2 Advanced: 8th Grade Only

    Students in Art II Advanced will use a variety of art techniques such as painting, drawing, pastels, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, collage, and computer design. You will grow and use your imagination and personal experiences to create original artwork, as well as study important periods, movements, artists, and styles in art history along with contemporary art and artists. This class also involves writing about your art, why you created what you did and what processes you used.

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