Highlights of the March 13, 2019 Field Trip

    • Due to Mother Nature our 10 AM tour has been postponed until the afternoon, when the weather is supposed to clear - - but lunch is still on at 11:30 AM. We don't want to pass up a chance to visit!
    • We also need to figure out what we want for lunch.
    • Clearing skies! What a nice day it turned out to be for our afternoon tour!
    • We carpooled to InSync Exotics, signed in, paid our fees and met our tour guide, Nola.
    • We saw tigers, lions, cougars, cheetahs, leopards and even lemurs!  We missed the servals, ocelots, bobcats and lynxs – because it was too cold or they’re nocturnal.
    • This is the "Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge" memorial for the cats that have past away over the InSync's 25 year existence.
    • "Nola, just one more question before I leave . . ."