Highlights of the January 9, 2019 Meeting

    • As always, our members enjoy socializing before the meeting.
    • Tom Kula gives our members the history of the NTMWD. Beginning in 1940s with 10 original member cities. He continued with the current status of the NTMWD board and explains the need for rate increases. The new reservoir project, maintenance of infrastructure and improvements of current facilities were some of the items that have driven delivery costs to consumers. Also, unexpected expenses such as premature failure of pipes that should have lasted another 10 years and the lightning strike at the water treatment plant near Lake Lavon and its subsequent clean up.  Future projects, the Bois d’Arc Lake, which began in March 2018, will meet our future needs.
    • Our volunteer of the month, Meg Belanger, was presented with her certificate and yard sign by Linda Nelson.
    • One our favorite reasons for meeting, enjoying time with our fellow members! Salad and desserts provided by Kathy Wilbanks, Janet McMillen, Linda Pease and Suzanne Mingea. Thank You!