2024 Wylie High Prom

  • Online Date Approvals

  • Ticket Sales

  • Playlist

  • Prom King and Queen Voting

  • Prom Night Prizes

  • Welcome to Hollywood

    #Lights, Camera, Prom!

  • Film

  • Plano Event Center

    2000 E Spring Creek Pkwy

    Plano, TX 75074

    Juniors and Seniors

    May 11, 2024




  • Would you like a discount on your dress or suit?

    K&G Flyer

  • Ticket Sales will be in Front of the Auditorium

    Prom Tickets

    Pricing: $65 per person

    Ticket Sales:

    April 1 - April 19 (WHS 11th/12th and dates)

    April 22 - May 3 (WHS 11th/12th only NO DATES)

    No sales May 6-10

    Link to credit card payment in drop down starting April 2nd.