Attendance Reporting

  • Instructions for Recording Attendance

    • Take attendance on a skyward-generated attendance roster report.
    • Always use ink.
    • Take attendance at the start of class.
    • Clearly call out the names of each student on the attendance roster.
    • If a student is present, leave blank.
    • If the student is absent from class, place an A on the line next to the absent student.
    • The attendance roster must be signed and dated by the substitute teacher.
    • Get the attendance roster to the attendance office as soon as possible.
    • Questions? Refer to the attendance office with questions or concerns

    Please Note:

    • At no time is attendance allowed to be taken by a student.
    • Substitutes must use a classroom attendance roster to take attendance.
    • Taking attendance correctly is vital for funding and a student's permanent school records.
    • When a student is incorrectly coded as absent, our District loses money intended to better our students.
    • Please be accurate!