A Typical Day

  • Arrive early.

    • First thing, check-in with the front office. An early arrival allows you time to read the teacher’s plans and become familiar with neighboring teachers.

    Read over the plans.

    • Become familiar with the materials you will use during the day. Pay close attention to special directions, times, and any behavior system the campus uses.

    Prepare for students to arrive.

    • Make sure instructions are clearly posted, and write your name on the board. Greet the students at the door with a handshake and introduce yourself.

    Take attendance.

    • Use the skyward form to mark students that are not present. Please take this to the office at a later time or have a student take it down.
    • Why is this important? Attendance records are a permanent part of a student's school records and are utilized for student funding calculations.

    Leave notes.

    • Communication is key when you are working in a teacher’s classroom. He/She will want to know how the class went and what was completed or not during the day. Take time at the end of your day to write a note about the day.

    Leave the classroom as you found it.

    • Be sure to have the students clean up after themselves before leaving the classroom. Clean up any materials you may have used and leave them where the teacher had them when you arrived.

    Take part in any duty the teacher may have.

    • All teachers have additional duties during the day (lunch, recess, or after school). Find out what they are and what you need to do to fill his/her spot.