• Wylie ISD strives to provide fair and competitive pay for all employees based on job responsibilities and market comparisons.  A competitive pay system aids the district in recruiting and hiring qualified employees, prevents the loss of good employees, and controls spending by paying proper amounts for job values.

  • Tara Matthews

    Tara Matthews

    Director of Human Resources
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Compensation FAQ

  • How are pay grades determined?

  • How can I update my direct deposit?

  • How can I update my W4?

  • How does the district ensure the pay plan meets the intended goals on a long-term basis?

  • How was my pay increase calculated?

  • What is considered when determining if a pay adjustment is appropriate?

  • When will I receive my first paycheck with the pay increase?

  • Who is eligible to receive a pay increase?

  • Why don’t I receive an increase based on my current pay?