Dual Credit

  • Wylie ISD offers a variety of academic and technical Dual Credit courses to high school students.  A Dual Credit course is a course that enables students to earn college credit for both high school and college credit at the same time.  A passing grade is required to gain credit.  Passing standards for high school and college grades may differ.  By taking college-level coursework, students can get a jump-start on college, saving both time and money. Dual Credit courses are offered through a partnership with Collin College. All courses will transfer to programs of study at Collin College. Students interested in going to other colleges/universities are encouraged to contact those institutions directly for additional information about how these courses will transfer to those institutions.

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    Dual Credit Outside of School Hours

    Wylie ISD allows students to take Dual Credit classes at Collin College outside of the school day with counselor approval.  Interested students should talk to their counselors for appropriate concurrent enrollment paperwork.  Students cannot take Dual Credit classes outside of the school day for any courses with EOC tests.  Under normal circumstances, students cannot take online Dual Credit classes at Collin College.  Wylie ISD has temporarily adjusted this practice due to COVID-19 restrictions and will allow online coursework at Collin College.  Students can only register for courses currently included in the Wylie ISD/Collin College MOU and cannot take Dual Credit courses at other colleges or universities for high school credit.  Dual Credit courses that count for Wylie ISD Ranking GPA will be included in Ranking GPA.  

     Health Science Dual Credit Grading Scales

    For Health Science Dual Credit Courses, students make make a grade of 70 or higher to receive high school credit.  

    For Health Science Dual Credit courses, the following grading scale will apply to the Collin College transcript grades:

    A: 90-100
    B: 80-89
    C: 75-79
    F: below a 75

    Wylie ISD & Collin College MOU