Register Your Device

  • Wylie ISD will provide students access to a wireless network, called MyWyFi, and the option of bringing a personal device as a means to enhance their education. Students who choose to bring a personal device to school assume total responsibility for the device. Students should take all reasonable measures to protect against theft or damage of their device.

    The following measures are recommended as a means to protect their device:

    • *Personal devices should have a label or other identifying marks to indicate the owner of the device.
    • *Personal devices should be carried in padded cases or backpacks at all times.
    • *Personal devices should never be left unattended for any period of time.
    • *Personal devices must not be left in view in an unattended vehicle.

    This form is available for students and parents to record important information about the device, including the serial number, as a way to assist an investigation in the case of theft. Any time a theft occurs, you should contact a school resource officer (SRO) and campus administrator to inform them of the offense. Filling out this form is strictly optional and the information is to be kept by the student and parents.