Advanced Courses

  • The Advanced Placement Program, administered by The College Board, allows students to participate in college-level courses while in high school and possibly earn college credit while still in high school. Advanced coursework at the junior high school level prepares students for these AP courses.  Advanced classes are more challenging and stimulating, therefore they take more time and require more work. Advanced classes require energetic, involved, and motivated students. Advanced courses must be started at the beginning of a full-year course and may not be entered the second semester of a full year course.

    Algebra I Advanced & Spanish I Advanced Drop Policy

    Through the first three weeks of school students may drop or add Algebra I Advanced or Spanish I Advanced class with teacher and parent acknowledgement. Students are not able to add or drop Algebra I Advanced or Spanish I Advanced classes after the first three weeks except with approval from the Advanced Steering Committee. For more information about requesting an appointment with the Advanced Steering Committee, please contact the counselor.  Algebra I Advanced & Spanish I Advanced courses may not be dropped after the first nine weeks.

    All Other Advanced/GT Classes Drop Policy

    During the first semester, students may drop Advanced/GT classes with teacher and parent acknowledgement and administrative approval.  Students are not allowed to drop Pre-AP/GT classes after the first semester.

Other Programs