Special Programs

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

    Upon enrollment, each student will complete a home language survey as required by state guidelines. If the information on the home language survey indicates that a language other than English is spoken in the home, or most often spoken by the student, an oral language proficiency assessment will be administered. A Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) will review the results of the assessment and determine if the student meets criteria for classification as a Limited English Proficient (LEP) student. LEP identified students are offered support services through the campus ESL program.

    Gifted and Talented

    The junior high gifted learner is served primarily through the gifted and talented English Language Arts courses. Only students identified as gifted and talented may enroll in the G/T English Language Arts course. These courses cultivate creativity and problem solving skills through differentiation in content, process, products, and/or research. Gifted and talented students are also encouraged to enroll in Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) courses in math, science, and social studies courses to prepare them for the rigors of high school, Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

    Special Education 

    Placement in the Special Education program is based on data gathered by the RESULTS team, results of formal assessments, and the development of an Individual Education Program (IEP) by the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee. The student, parent, and representatives from the school staff make up the ARD committee and develop the IEP together.

    Wylie ISD offers a continuum of Special Education services, which includes: inclusion support, direct instruction in core content and self-contained placements. Services are provided in the least restrictive environment as determined by the students’ Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee and the student’s Individual Education Program (IEP).

Other Programs