• High School Courses Taken at the Junior High Level

    Students may take selected, pre-approved courses at the junior high level to receive high school credit. Any high school course credit that is earned prior to 9th grade will appear on the high school transcript. Any course that is used in the calculation of ranking GPA taken in 8th grade and above will receive grade points. Courses used in the calculation of ranking GPA taken in 7th grade or lower will not receive grade points. Courses taken face-to-face in junior high will qualify for weighted grade points if those courses are designated as Advanced. Courses taken online in junior high will not be designated as Pre-AP and thus will not earn weighted grade points.  The following courses can be taken in junior high school and count as high school credit: Algebra I Advanced & Spanish I Advanced.

    It is important to note that students taking high school courses in junior high are beginning their high school academic transcript.  These courses will count towards high school class rank and grade point average (GPA).  A student’s academic transcript will be submitted to colleges and universities as the student submits their college applications.  Parents should discuss any questions about junior high school courses for high school credit with their child’s academic guidance counselor. 

    Credit by Examination

    In certain situations, credit by examination may be used to earn credit in an academic course at the secondary level. Prior approval of the campus counselor or administrator is required. Credit by examination shall not be used to gain eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities.

    The minimum passing standard for a student who has had prior formal instruction in the specific course from an accredited institution is a 70. The minimum passing standard for a student who has not had prior formal instruction is an 80. The principal or his/her designee makes the final determination regarding whether or not a student has received prior instruction from an accredited institution.

    Exams will be administered four times each year at no cost; additional opportunities for credit by exam shall be paid for by the student and arranged with the counselor. A student may not attempt to earn credit by examination for a specific junior high school course more than two times. Students must register with the counselor according to the published calendar. The test shall be administered according to procedures and calendar approved by the superintendent or designee. A grade that meets the requirements (70 with prior instruction; 80 without prior instruction) on a credit by exam will earn high school credit and be awarded grade points if it is one of the courses used to calculate GPA. No credit by exam grade will be awarded weighted grade points.

    State Assessment Requirements


    In Junior High School, the following State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Assessments will be administered:

    • 7th Grade Reading
    • 7th Grade Writing
    • 7th Grade Mathematics
    • 8th Grade Reading
    • 8th Grade Mathematics for Algebra I
    • 8th Grade Social Studies
    • 8th Grade Science


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