Academic Guidelines

  • High School Courses Taken at the Junior High Level

    Students may take selected, pre-approved courses at the junior high level to receive high school credit. Any high school course credit that is earned prior to 9th grade will appear on the high school transcript. Any course that is used in the calculation of ranking GPA taken in 8th grade and above will receive grade points. Courses used in the calculation of ranking GPA taken in 7th grade or lower will not receive grade points. Courses taken face-to-face in junior high will qualify for weighted grade points if those courses are designated as Advanced. Courses taken online in junior high will not be designated as Advanced and thus will not earn weighted grade points.

    Student Wellness and Reproductive Health Unit

    In Wylie ISD, students in grades 6. 7, and 9 participate in the Wellness and Reproductive Health Unit in science class.  For more information about the Wellness curriculum, please click here.  There is an annual parent meeting prior to beginning the Wellness Unit.  In accordance with HB 1525, parents will need to sign a permission slip to have their student participate in the WASH curriculum.  This permission slip will come from your child's teacher.  To review a copy of the WASH curriculum, please email Stephen Davis, Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum, at


    Credit by Examination

    In certain situations, credit by examination may be used to earn credit in an academic course at the secondary level. Prior approval of the campus counselor or administrator is required. Credit by examination shall not be used to gain eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities.

    The minimum passing standard for a student who has had prior formal instruction in the specific course from an accredited institution is a 70. The minimum passing standard for a student who has not had prior formal instruction is an 80. The principal or his/her designee makes the final determination regarding whether or not a student has received prior instruction from an accredited institution.

    Exams will be administered four times each year at no cost; additional opportunities for credit by exam shall be paid for by the student and arranged with the counselor. A student may not attempt to earn credit by examination for a specific high school course more than two times. Students must register with the counselor according to the published calendar. The test shall be administered according to procedures and calendar approved by the superintendent or designee. In preparation for graduation, when there is a credit deficit and additional credits are required, the superintendent or designee may allow additional credits to be earned through credit by exam. A grade that meets the requirements (70 with prior instruction; 80 without prior instruction) on a credit by exam will earn high school credit and be awarded grade points if it is one of the courses used to calculate GPA. No credit by exam grade will be awarded weighted grade points. 

    If a student fails to earn credit by exam for a high school course before the beginning of the school year when the student would normally be expected to enroll in that course according to the district’s schedule, the student must satisfactorily complete the course in order to earn credit.

  • Local Credit Courses

    Local credit courses are courses approved by the Wylie ISD Board of Trustees for local credit only. These courses do not count toward state graduation requirements, cannot be used to fulfill the minimum number of credits on any graduation plan, will not be used in course calculation for promotion, and will not receive grade points.

    Texas Virtual Schools Network (TxVSN)

    The Texas Virtual School Network ( is a cooperative network of school districts, schools, and education service centers that provide online distance learning courses to each other, thereby increasing the educational opportunities and scheduling flexibility for Texas students. Wylie ISD offers students the opportunity to take courses through the TxVSN when a student’s graduation plan determines:

    • The need for a course not offered on campus and or which a substantially similar course is not available
    • The student needs to manipulate the daily schedule in order to take courses only offered at certain times (band, for example)

    In order to take classes through the TxVSN, a student must have a completed Graduation Plan that has been reviewed and approved by the student's counselor. A student may take up to three (3) courses each regular school year semester (3 in the fall and 3 in the spring) if the courses are taken during the seven (7) period day.  TxVSN courses are NOT self-paced.

    Students will not be allowed to take a course with a state EOC exam with TxVSN.  A grade of 70 or higher on an approved TxVSN course will earn high school credit and be awarded grade points if it is one of the courses used to calculate GPA. No TxVSN course will be awarded weighted grade points.

    When students are enrolled in TxVSN through the above criteria, the course cost will be covered by Wylie ISD. Students electing to take courses for any other reason, as those listed above through TxVSN will be required to pay a $50 registration fee as well as cover the cost of the course. The cost of high school courses range from $250-$400. TxVSN courses outside of the school day or in the summer are self-funded.

    Needs of students with disabilities wishing to take a course through the TxVSN shall be addressed by the student's admission, review, and dismissal committee in a manner consistent with state and federal law, including the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  TxVSN courses dropped on or by the allowable drop date receive no grade or credit. Self-funded courses dropped on or by the allowable drop date receive a tuition refund but no application fee is refunded.  Courses dropped after the allowable drop date receive a grade of F. Self-funded courses dropped after the allowable drop date receive no refund.


    Correspondence Courses

    With approval of the school counselor or administrator, correspondence course credits may be earned from either Texas Tech University or The University of Texas. Correspondence courses are not recommended for core course completion and are generally only an option in extenuating circumstances. Students must have prior administrative approval before enrolling in a correspondence course.  Students will not be allowed to take a course with a state EOC exam by correspondence.  A  grade  of  70  or  higher  on  an  approved  correspondence  course  will  earn  high school credit and be awarded grade points if it is one of the courses used to calculate GPA. No correspondence course will be awarded weighted grade points. Students will pay the cost of all correspondence courses.

    Transfer Credits from Non-Accredited Schools or Home Schools

    Transfer students from non-accredited public, non-accredited private, non-accredited parochial, or home schools have three options to receive high school credits. The student may enroll in credit by exam, enroll in an approved correspondence course, or take the course at Wylie High School, Wylie East High School or Choice Academic High School.

    The current list of TEA-Approved & Accredited private schools is found at  Schools outside of the state of Texas who are not accredited by that state's education system will be considered a non-accredited school.  

    If the student chooses to take credit by exam to earn course credits, officially documented accredited home school or high school courses will be considered as prior instruction. Wylie High School, Wylie East High School, or Choice Academic High School administrative staff will make the final determinations as to prior instruction. In accordance with the credit by exam procedures outlined above, if the student earns a 70 or higher on the credit by exam and has had prior instruction, the student will be awarded the credit. If the student has had no prior instruction, the student must earn an 80 or higher in order to receive the course credit.


    Wylie ISD provides the PSAT test to all Wylie ISD students in grades 9-11.  

    Wylie ISD provides the SAT School Day to all 11th grade students in the spring semester.  All 11th graders will take the SAT during the school day for no cost.  The test is scheduled for March 27. 

    Wylie ISD provides regular ASVAB and TSI testing to students throughout the school year for free and during the school day.  To signup, students should contact their counselor.  

    Testing for Home School Students

    Students residing in the Wylie ISD school zone and attending home school are allowed the opportunity to participate in the PSAT/NMSQT and Advanced Placement (AP) tests with Wylie ISD (TEC 29.916).  There are fees associated with these tests.  The dates of these tests are set by College Board and subject to change.  For any additional information, please contact Dr. Stephen Davis, Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum, at

    AP Test Dates for 2023-24 may be found at  2024 AP Exam Dates – AP Central | College Board 

    Foreign Transcript Evaluation

    Foreign Transcripts will be evaluated by Wylie ISD staff for high school equivalency.  Parents/guardians requesting an outside evaluation may submit their foreign transcript at