College, Career & Military Readiness

  • Wylie ISD: Preparing Students for Life after Graduation

    Postsecondary Preparation Exams

    Wylie ISD students take a variety of tests to prepare them for life after high school. These exams are offered during the school day. By performing well on these exams, students increase their chances of getting into the college of their choice or preparing for a career in the United States Armed Forces.

    9th  Grade

    10th  Grade

    11th Grade

    12th Grade

    PSAT 8/9 (October)

    PSAT (October)

    ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)

    PSAT (October)

    SAT School Day (March)





    PSAT 8/9: The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test for 8th and 9th graders (PSAT 8/9) is the first step in preparing for the SAT. It allows students, parents, and teachers to gain an initial look at how well a student is prepared for college.

    PSAT: The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is a full-length practice test for the SAT for 10th and 11th graders. Scores and test items are reflective of those on the SAT. The test also serves as the initial stage for the National Merit Scholarship competition, which awards 11th grade test-takers with exceptionally high scores scholastic recognition and scholarship money.

    ASVAB: The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is an optional, military-sponsored, aptitude test offered to 10th-12th grade students. The ASVAB includes traditional, school-based sections, such reading, writing, science, and mathematics, while also including technical sections covering electronics and mechanics. The results from the test are used to recommend both civilian and military jobs to students in accordance with their aptitude profile. At the military level, the results from the ASVAB are used as a factor in signing bonuses and recruitment for specialized fields.

    SAT School Day: The SAT School Day is an opportunity for all juniors to take the SAT at their home campus during the school day at no charge to the students, preventing cost or travel from being an issue to student success. A student’s SAT score can impact their college admissions decision and scholarship opportunities at many colleges and universities.

    TSI: The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a test meant to measure the mathematics and reading level of incoming college freshmen or dual-credit students. The TSI is offered by both two and four-year colleges for those students that do not already have qualifying SAT or ACT scores.

    Earning College Credit in High School

    Wylie ISD provides a wide-range of college-level courses across all disciplines. All of the following courses provide an option to receive college credit through partnerships with College Board and Collin College. By taking college-level coursework, students can get a jump-start on college, saving both time and money.  Students must meet admission requirements for the college in order to complete the dual credit course.  The remaining Dual Credit courses are offered through a partnership with Collin College. All courses will transfer to programs of study at those institutions. Students interested in going to other colleges/universities are encouraged to contact those institutions directly for additional information about how these courses will transfer to those institutions.  Dual credit course sections must be taken in the correct sequence. Students may not drop AP U. S. History to enroll in college U.S. History at the second semester. Technical Dual Credit courses that may also satisfy a core course credit will not be included in the local weighted GPA.

    AP English III (11th)
    Dual Credit English III (11th)
    AP English IV (12th)
    Dual Credit English IV (12th)
    AP Environmental Science (11th-12th)
    AP Physics 1 (11th-12th)
    AP Biology (10th-12th)
    Dual Credit Biology (11th-12th)
    AP Chemistry (11th-12th)
    AP Physics I (11th-12th)
    AP Physics II (12th)
    AP Physics C (12th)
    AP Environmental Science (11th-12th)
    Dual Credit Scientific Research and Design (12th)
    AP US Government (12th)
    Dual Credit US Government (12th)
    AP Comparative Government (11th-12th)
    AP Macroeconomics (12th)
    Dual Credit Microeconomics (12th)
    AP Microeconomics (11th-12th)
    AP Psychology (11th-12th)
    AP Human Geography (9th-12th)
    AP World History (9th-12th)
    AP US History (11th-12th)
    Dual Credit US History (11th-12th)
    AP Human Geography (10th-12th)
    AP Statistics (11th-12th)
    AP Calculus AB (11th-12th)
    AP Calculus BC (11th-12th)
    AP Statistics (12th)
    Dual Credit Statistics (12th)
    Dual Credit Trigonometry &
    Pre-Calculus (12th)
    Dual Credit College Algebra (12th)
    Dual Credit Business Calculus (12th)
    AP French IV (12th)
    Dual Credit Spanish IV (11th-12th)
    AP Spanish IV (11th-12th)
    AP Spanish V (12th)
    AP Music Theory (11th-12th)
    AP Studio Art Drawing (11th-12th)
    AP Studio Art 2D Design (11th-12th)
    AP Studio Art 3D Design (11th-12th)
    AP Art History (10th-12th)
    Articulated Credit Business Information Management (10th-12th)
    Dual Credit Business Management (10th-12th)
    Articulated Credit Instructional Practices in Education & Training (10th-12)
    Dual Credit Practicum in Education (11th-12th)
    Articulated Credit Principles of Health Science (9th-12th)
    Dual Credit Medical Terminology (9th-12th)
    Dual Credit Health Science Theory: CNA (10th-12th)
    Dual Credit Emergency Medical Technician (11th-12th)
    Articulated Credit Introduction to Welding (10th-12th)
    Dual Credit Welding II (11th-12th)
    AP Research (11th)
    AP Seminar (12th)

    Career Certifications and Experiences

    Wylie ISD prepares interested students for a career in the workforce directly following high school. WISD students can gain valuable experience in a variety of career settings. Many of these CTE courses have the option to gain an industry certificate, which increases the hiring and wage potential of WISD graduates.

    Career and Technical Education Experiences and Industry Certification Opportunities
    Agriculture and Animal Science
    Accounting: Microsoft Excel Certificate
    Architecture: Chief Architect Certified Apprentice Certificate,Autodesk-Rivet Certificate
    Business & Finance: Microsoft Office Certificate
    Business Marketing: Microsoft Office Certificate
    Computer Network Systems
    Career Preparation: OHSA and Serve Safe Certificate
    Culinary Arts: Serve Safe Certificate
    Education (Teacher Preparation)
    Emergency Medical Technician: EMT Certificate
    Engineering and Robotics: Solidworks Certificate
    Graphic Design and Illustration
    Health Science: Patient Care Technician Certificate
    Interior Design: Chief Architect Certified Apprentice Certificate
    Law Enforcement
    Manufacturing: Structural Welding Certificate
    Construction Tech: OHSA Certificate
    Video Production
    Pharmacy Technician: Pharmacy Technician Certificate

    Academic Guidance

    Wylie ISD Academic Guidance Counselors will meet annually with students to discuss their high school graduation plan and options for students after high school. All WISD students have a 4-year graduation plan that shows the courses they are planning to take while in high school. WISD students will select a high school experience that matches their interests and will graduate with an endorsement in that area of interest. Counselors provide guidance on high school course offerings, earning college credit in high school, college admissions, scholarships, academic testing, military enrollment, financial aid, certifications, and much more! Parents and students should check the counseling websites at their high school for resources and information about preparing for life after high school.

    Suggested College and Career Preparation Timeline




    Visit high school career/tech facilities to learn about course content. Reevaluate career goals and objectives. Review educational four-year plan. Review college catalogs and publications which give college profiles. Begin college visitations. Take STAAR end-of-course test(s) if necessary for graduation requirement.


    Review academic plan. Re-evaluate goals and objectives. Confer with parent(s) and high school counselor to decide on courses for the 11th grade. Review high school graduation requirements and make sure you have scheduled time in 11th and 12th grade to take any requirements lacking for graduation. Take PSAT in October. Review college catalogs and college profiles of colleges in the Career Center you are interested in attending and make sure you are taking the required courses for admission to these. Take STAAR end-of-course test(s) if necessary for graduation requirement.


    Review educational plan and narrow college choices. Review the high school graduation requirements and make sure you will complete any credits needed for graduation. Confer with parent(s) and high school counselor to decide on courses for your senior year and to discuss plans after graduation. Attend college night and financial aid night. Take PSAT in October (National Merit Qualifying Test). Take SAT and/or ACT in the late spring. Send early decision applications in June and July. Visit colleges in the summer. Take STAAR end-of-course test(s) if necessary for graduation requirement.


    Prospective college athletes apply for certification from NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. Obtain forms from athletic director or counselor. Finalize college choices. Meet with your counselor and make sure you are taking any courses lacking for graduation. Attend college night and financial aid night. Take SAT and/or ACT in fall semester. Take STAAR end-of-course test(s) if necessary for graduation requirement.  Send in college applications and get any recommendation letters you need from counselor. Send in housing applications for college in early fall. Send financial aid applications in January (FAFSA). Apply for local scholarships. Graduate!!!

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