Highlights of the October 10, 2018 Meeting

    • Candidates for the Texas Senate and House of Representatives were mailed the following questions so that they could concisely answer in the time allotted.
      1. There are discussions to change the TRS benefit plan from a defined benefit plan to a 401(K)-style defined contribution plan for ALL current and future TRS retirees. What is your position on this change?
      2. What is your position on securing permanent funding for TRS-Care, making the program sustainable and affordable?
      3. What is your position on school vouchers?
      4. Will you commit to more funding for the TRS pension plan supporting a policy that makes the TRS fund solvent and provide a cost of living increase for current retirees?
      5. What do you propose for ensuring the safety of public-school students?
    • Candidates for Texas House and Senate:
      • Texas Senate District 8: Mark Phariss and Angela Paxton.
      • Texas Senate District 30: Kevin Lopez and Pat Fallon represented by Dody Bridgadier.
      • Texas House of Representatives District 89: Ray Ash and Candy Noble.
      • Texas House of Representatives District 112: Brandy Chambers.
    • Candidates for Texas State Board of Education present or represented:
      Texas Board of Education District 12: Suzanne Smith represented by Dr. Marie Smith and Pam Little.
    • Candidates are given one minute each to share with us a brief summary of their position on educational issues and why we should vote for them.
    • The Forum concluded, and the candidates and members were invited to stay for lunch. Thank you to our hostesses for the continental breakfast AND lunch: Lois Jones, Tami Nauyokas, Judy Brewster, Macklyn Henderson, Janet Reynolds and Donna Lewis.
    • After finishing lunch, we had a short meeting to approve the 2018-2019 budget and by-law changes that brought our chapter in compliance with district and state by-laws. Then, Linda Nelson presented Janet Reynolds with Volunteer of the Month of October for her many hours given to missionary work.

    Thanks to Rosie Hochstein, Moderator and Chair, who invited and organized the forum, and to Beth Scholz, the time keeper.