• Discover Each Student's True Potential

    An Above-Level Testing Experience

    Bright students already excel on tests designed for their grade, with many of them topping out on the highest scores. Unfortunately, a top score only tells educators and parents that a student has mastered grade level material. It does not indicate how far above grade level their current abilities extend. Above-level testing provides helpful insight into the extent of these students’ academic abilities, creating a more effective foundation for high school planning and beyond. Students also gain invaluable knowledge and experience from taking an above-level test like the ACT or SAT—the exam that college-bound seniors take. Additionally, because the above-level testing experience is diagnostic in nature, it provides seventh graders with a low-risk, low-stress opportunity to preview a test similar to the one they will face one day during the college admissions process.

    Tools to Interpret Scores

    Students receive two reports to interpret their scores: one from the testing agency, which will compare scores to recent U.S. high school graduates; and a more detailed TIP score results summary, mailed in May, which allows families to understand how students performed relative to other seventh graders in the talent search. This score results summary also provides suggestions for further educational development based on performance.

    Honor and Guidance

    Special Recognition

    All students who test will receive a participation certificate. Those who test no later than February 2016—and who receive outstanding scores on the ACT or SAT—will be honored at special recognition ceremonies held in each of the states with the largest talent search enrollments.

    Educational Advice

    With 36 years of experience in the field of gifted education, the Duke TIP professionals can provide educational guidance and advice to families and educators through special publications like our Digest of Gifted Research.

    Academic Challenge

    Duke TIP Educational Programs - NOTE: Due to COVID-19, some programs are on hold until further notice.  Please use this page for updates.

    Participants are eligible to apply for Duke TIP’s wide range of educational programs, all of which put them with master teachers and other bright students. Exceptional performance on the ACT or SAT will qualify some students for Duke TIP’s renowned Summer Studies Programs —intensive three-week sessions on college campuses—or our popular eStudies programs that offer challenging coursework without ever leaving home. Additionally, we offer Scholar Weekends during the school year and a two-week summer Field Studies program for students in grade nine and above.

    Duke TIP Independent Learning Opportunities

    Talent search participants can take advantage of discounts on our rigorous and engaging Independent Learning courses, all of which have been designed by gifted learning experts specifically for our participants. These courses allow highly motivated students to learn at their individual levels. Courses are available across a wide range of topics, including architecture, algebra, biology, creative writing, geometry, history, science and medicine, writing, and more.

    Useful Online Resources

    Educational Opportunity Guide

    This exclusive searchable online directory of services for gifted students is maintained by TIP and contains hundreds of listings for schools, summer programs, and academic competitions across the United States and abroad.

    Rosetta Stone Foundations®

    Talent search participants enjoy reduced prices on special new versions of Rosetta Stone language online learning products designed for grades K–12. Rosetta Stone’s unique interactive language learning approach includes speech recognition technology, real-life simulated conversations, and other features that appeal to younger language students.

    Customized Publications

    As part of Duke TIP, students will receive unique publications designed to help them learn about their potential, what other students are doing with their academic talent, plan for high school and college, and access resources to assist them in achieving their educational goals. Students receive The Talent Search Experience in seventh grade, a subscription to TIP's online Insights newsletter through their tenth grade year, and My College Guide in tenth and eleventh grades.

    Digest of Gifted Research

    This online resource provides parents of academically talented youth with conceptual, theoretical, and practical research-based information about their children that is both understandable and useful to families seeking advice on how best to educate and raise gifted children.

    College Preparation

    Seventh grade can seem like a long way away from college, but it is just the right time to start planning an academic path. In addition to web-based college prep advice that offers guidance and steps students can take now to increase their chances of getting into the college of their dreams, participants can take advantage of discounts on special ACT and SAT prep courses through The Princeton Review through Duke TIP. A leader in helping students achieve their higher educational goals, The Princeton Review through Duke TIP allows participants in grades 10–12 to receive discounts on in-person and online ACT and SAT test preparation courses.