• Introduction to Algebra II                      

    Mr. York                              

    Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

    Welcome to Algebra II at Wylie High School. This is a course that builds on your previous experience in mathematics. Attendance is necessary to build an even stronger foundation for your future math courses. Every student can be successful, but effort will be required.   If I can do anything to help you or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email.  Skyward Family Access is a valuable tool for keeping up with student grades. My school number is 972-429-3000 ext. 5323 and my conference period is 9:00-9:50. You may also reach me by email at: Howard.York@wylieisd.net.

    I will always do my best to return your phone call or email as soon as possible.


        Be courteous – to the teacher and other members of our class.

        Respect the belongings of others.

        Keep backpacks and other belongings out of the aisle and under your desk.

        Be in your seat when the bell rings and have all necessary materials on your desk.

        Remain in your seat until the bell rings.  Do not congregate at the door.

       All work must be done in pencil!  (No pens or markers)

       Keep all electronic devices in backpacks.  They are not allowed.

        Clear your calculator (2nd + 7 1 2) and place it in the correct slot before you leave the classroom.

       Follow all other WHS rules.


    • 60% Tests/ Projects (Minimum of 3 per 9 weeks)
    • 40% Homework/Class work/Quizzes/Knowledge Checks


       There will be daily assignments.  Most of the time, homework is only finishing what was given to

        you in class.  Therefore staying on task during class will help you greatly reduce the amount of

        time you will have to spend on Algebra at home.  Homework/Classwork from the previous week will

        be taken up on the first day of each week

    • All work/steps must be done neatly shown for credit on all assignments
    • Assignments are due the first day of each week from the previous week
    • First & Last name & desk number, date, and period must be clearly labeled on each assignment
    • Failure to follow any or all of the directions may result in a zero or a lower grade


    Late work is accepted one day late for a maximum grade of a 70, two days late for a maximum grade will be a 50.  Any papers more than 2 days late will be a zero.

    Scoring less than 70 on a test, can qualify you to take a retest.  You must attend at least one tutorial and complete the test within three days after receiving the initial test grade.





          It is VERY important for students to be in class every day.  Explanations that take place during class are not easily made up. When a student is absent, they need to gather their make-up work

          from the folder.   The student is responsible for getting their makeup work and getting it turned in

          on time. Any tests and quizzes must be made up before school or at Tuesday/Thursday Night School.


         Cheating on any assignment or test will result in a zero for that assignment.  This includes a

         student cheating off of someone else, or a student letting a student cheat off of them.

         It also includes using your phone apps.


        The 10-10 rule will be in effect this year.  No one can leave the classroom the first or last 10 

         minutes of class.  You will be allowed 4 restroom passes each 9 weeks.  You have to have your pass

         to leave the classroom.  You may not borrow from another student.  You are not allowed to take your

         phone to the restroom.


         Calculators are available during class daily.  Each student will be assigned a number and is

         responsible for returning them to the proper place before leaving class. We will be using the

         TI-84 Plus.  Graphing calculators are also available online and there are many apps for

         smartphones that can be downloaded.  Please clear your calculator before you put it up (2nd + 7 1 2 ).


        Electronics devices will not be allowed in class.  This includes telephones, music devices, I-pads and 

        headphones.  Earphones are not to be worn over the ears. 

        When you enter the classroom you will need to get your assigned calculator from the holder and

        place your cell phone in its place.  If your phone or any other electronic device is seen during class,

        it will be sent to the office and it will cost $15 to get it back.


    Students must listen carefully in class and take notes. If you do not understand what is being taught, ASK QUESTIONS!! If I do not have tutorials, please attend tutorials in another teachers’ classroom.  Tutorials are from 8:20-8:50.  See the tutorial schedule below.








          8:20 – 8:50

    Beaty        326

    Ross         322     

    York          323


    Beaty         326

    Ross          322     

    York           323



    Beaty         326

    Ross          322     

    York           323



    Beaty         326

    Ross         322     

    York           323



    Beaty         326

    Ross         322     

    York           323






         4:30 – 6:30


        Night School



    By Appointment

        4:30 – 6:30

        Thursday   Night School



    By appointment

             SUPPLIES                                                  Bring at least 3 of the following – For classroom use

    • pencils and erasers                                            Kleenex                       Rulers          
    • notebook paper Hand Sanitizer                                                             Glue sticks
    • 1 or 1 ½ inch binder and dividers                        Scissors                     Colored Pencils

                                                                                          Dry Erase Markers & Erasers