Art Supply Fees

Art Supply Fees

  • Please check the list below for 2018-2019 Art supply fees:


    Art 1 Drawing - $15
    Art 2 Drawing - $20
    Art 2 Photography - $25
    Art 3 Photography - $25


    These fees are mandatory for all art students, and they should be paid within the first month of school. 

    No other outside supply purchases will be required for these classes, although advanced art students

    are encouraged to have a personal portfolio for the organization and transportation of their artwork. 


    We are happy to accept cash or a check made out to WEHS.  If you need to set up a payment

    plan to help manage beginning-of-the-year expenses, please contact Ms. Gilpin at and we will be happy to work with you.  Non-payment of art fees will result

    in a hold on a student's diploma. 

    This year we also have the ability to accept payments online at the link below.  Please be sure to indcate 

    teacher and class for each fee.


    Thank-you for helping us afford the materials that our students need to create beautiful works of art this

    year! Their success and growth as artists would not be possible without these supply fees.