Governor’s School Safety Plan

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott Governor Abbott released his 43-page “SCHOOL AND FIREARM SAFETY ACTION PLAN” following several days of meeting with school officials, law enforcement representatives, parents, school shooting victims and gun rights advocates. His plan covered a wide range of suggestions, but emphasized expanding the school marshal program and a greater investment in mental health, especially crisis intervention counselors as well as some ideas on how to increase gun safety. The good news for Wylie ISD is that we have already been moving forward with many of the items he mentions. These include:

    • Implementing the Standard Response Protocols (SPR) and Standard Reunification Method (SRM). In fact our School Safety and Security Committee started training staff this week in both these areas
    • Adding crisis counselors at the two high schools
    • When school starts in the fall, all campuses will have a front door camera/buzzer system
    • Regular meetings with our police departments
    • Revising our school safety drills
    • All of our campus renovation plans include features to increase safety. The next bond will include additional security cameras
    • An active School Safety and Security Committee