Frequently Asked Questions

  • If my child is placed in the Gifted and Talented Program, will he/she stay in the program when a school change is made within Wylie ISD?

    Yes. Once a child is determined by a campus GT committee to require the services of the Wylie ISD Gifted and Talented Program, these services will continue when he/she moves from elementary school to intermediate school, from intermediate school to junior high school, and from junior high school to high school, or from one campus to another within the district.

    Is there a difference between Advanced and GT classes?

    Yes. Advanced classes are designed to prepare students for the demands of Advanced Placement courses available in high school. The pace of instruction is faster than academic classes, and students are expected to go into greater depth in content.

    While GT classes prepare students for the rigors of an AP class, they also have curricula specifically designed to meet the academic needs of gifted and talented students. Learning is project-based, emphasizes open-ended problem solving, and requires students to generalize the vast amount of knowledge they already have to the topics being studied. Very little time is spent on repetition. Students are expected to spend the majority of their time analyzing and evaluating content and creating new perspectives and products. These are not “honors” classes; there are expectations for high level products and processing of information. The homework in these classes may prove to be more time-consuming. Although class time is given to complete projects, students in these classes typically strive for “perfection” and will therefore bring more work home to finish.

    Both Advanced and GT classes cover all areas detailed in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

    Are there opportunities for parents to become involved in the Gifted and Talented program?

    Absolutely! Contact your campus GT teacher or the Elementary or Secondary GT/Advanced Learning Specialists.