Gifted & Talented Appeals Process

  • Information on how to appeal a non-placement decision is detailed in the sections below.

    Level 1

    • A parent or guardian may appeal the placement decision of their student by completing this form and returning it to the campus GT teacher within 10 business days of placement notification.
    • The GT committee convenes and reviews the testing information. The Level 1 committee will consist of a minimum of 3 qualified GT teachers.
    • After the testing is reviewed, the campus GT teacher informs parents of the results.

    Level 2

    • If the parent or guardian wishes to appeal the decision of the Level 1 GT committee, the parent or guardian will complete the information on the level 2 appeal form to appeal to the District GT Appeals Committee. Parents must be able to provide substantial evidence that creates a compelling argument for the student’s need for gifted and talented services. The committee cannot consider testing done by private practitioners in the appeal. The Level 2 appeal must be received by the campus GT teacher within 10 business days of the date of parent contact listed above.
    • After the Level 2 appeal is received, it will first be determined if the Level 1 appeal was completed according to guidelines. If the Level 1 appeal was completed according to guidelines, the district level committee will move forward with reviewing the testing information for the Level 2 appeal. If the Level 1 appeal was not completed according to guidelines, the notice will be sent back to the parent to complete Level 1 prior to filing a Level 2 appeal.
    • The Level 2 appeal committee will consist of an executive curriculum director and two qualified GT teachers not involved in the Level 1 committee. The parents will be offered a conference in which the parents will provide evidence of the student’s abilities as they relate to gifted and talented services. No decision will be made during the conference. The District GT Appeals Committee will then review GT assessments as well as the information provided by the parents. A written response that provides the Level 2 committee's decision will be mailed to the home address of the student within 30 days of the appeal conference.