• A student may exit and re-enter the Gifted and Talented program only through the methods described in the following sections: 


    Identified Gifted and Talented Students:

    • Transfer students who participated in a gifted and talented program in their previous accredited public school district will be reviewed, assessed and appropriately placed based on their documentation by the Advanced Academics Specialist. If necessary, additional screening will be provided to determine the best placement for the student.

    New Enrollee (not identified by previous school):

    • Transfer students who were not served in a gifted program in their previous school may request screening upon enrollment (within 30 days) in WISD. Screening will be provided to determine the best placement for the student.


    Students will be granted a leave of absence (furlough), as requested, from the Gifted and Talented Program services for specified reasons. The specified reasons may include:

    1. Student scheduling concerns based on school offerings
    2. Family/personal reasons
    • Furlough may be requested by parent, student, teacher, or counselor.
    • Furlough will be reviewed by District Selection Committee and recommendations made.
    • State policy prohibits furloughs for longer than one consecutive year.

    Exit Procedures 

    The following occurrences can move a student into step 1 of the exit procedure:

    1. Failure to submit at least 90% of all assigned work in the Gifted and Talented Program.
    2. Failure to comply in the Gifted and Talented Program with behavioral expectations listed in The Student Code of Conduct.
    3. Request by parent to exit student from the Gifted and Talented Program.

    A student in the Gifted and Talented Program may be exited due to his/her nonperformance in the program itself. The exit procedure is a three step process as outlined below:

    • Step 1: Student/Parent is notified (Documentation is required.).
    • Step 2: Conference is held with parent and student (Documentation is required.).
    • Step 3: Dismissal will be requested by G/T district committee with parent and student notification (Documentation is required.).

    Re-entry Process

    • If a student has been exited by the school through the exit procedure as outlined above, he/she may re-enter through the nomination process and requalify, no earlier than the beginning of the next school year and only after he/she has been out of the program for at least one complete semester. In some cases, this will mean that a student will reenter the program at the beginning of the second semester of the following year.
    • If a student decides to exit himself/herself from the Gifted and Talented Program, he may reenter the program through nomination, no earlier than the beginning of the next school year by requalifying in the Identification Process.
    • If a student has a schedule conflict that forces a choice to be made between the Gifted and Talented Program and another subject, the student will be placed on furlough and may continue in the Gifted and Talented Program as soon as his/her schedule will allow.