PiRaiders in the Studio
  • Visual Story Telling

    It's what my students do. If you're interested in graphic design, photography, film, television, music or writing, I have a place for you! We will be continuing to make content for BLUE-i news this year, and it's going to be great. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you unleash your creative potential!


    My Class Schedule

    1st Period -  Audio/Video Production Level 1, Audio/Video Production Level 1 and 2 

    2nd Period - Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communication (PAAVTaC)

    3rd Period - Animation I and II

    4th Period - Practicum in Graphic Design 

                      Practicum in Video Production

                      Graphic Design  Level II

            ~ Power Hour/Lunch ~

    5th Period - Practicum in Graphic Design 

                      Practicum in Video Production

                      Graphic Design Level 1

    6th Period - Graphic Design Level 1

    7th Period - Conference Period




    Ever wonder what it takes to produce a professional sports production? In Wylie, students are able to get hands-on training that enables them to run the Friday Night Lights at Wylie Stadium. During football season, students who work for PiRaider run the show. They operate the cameras, they work with the announcer, they help capture audio, they create graphics,  they work the Replay machine and they direct. Best of all, they get to use industry equipment and get paid for a job they love. If you're at a game, come and find us in the studio located behind the spirit shirt booth - we will give you a tour. You can also come by my classroom and talk with me about it. Mr Rouse and I are always looking for responsible, dedicated and talented students. 


    Tutoring Schedule

    Tuesday Mornings - 8:15 - 8:50

    Thursdays After School - 4:15- 4:45

    Lunch - by appointment only, T-F