• Library Check Out Agreement

    All students are required to sign and return the library's  Acceptance Agreement before they will be allowed to check out any books.

    Check Out Policy

    Students and teachers are encouraged to check out books from our library.

    Kindergarteners and 1st grade students check out one book per week, while 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders will be able to check out two books.

    During the fall, Kindergarteners will practice checking out books, being responsible, and caring for them.  They will be allowed to take their book home with them once they have "learned the ropes."  There will be a due date stamped on their book for the day your child will return to library. See PACK schedule to help keep up with your Kinder Wolf's library days. 


    Late notices will be sent home with students that have overdue books.  There is no fine for overdue books.  The late notices are a reminder that a book has not been turned in and the student needs to search for the missing book or renew book. Students will not be able to check out another book till the overdue book is returned. 


    After 30 days or more, if a book is lost or damaged, we ask that you take care of fines in a timely matter so that your student may continue checking out books.

    Book replacements are welcomed to clear fines. Books must be published 2013 or newer, Hardcover, Elementary level, and be in good condition to be circulated through out our campus. 

    My goal is to keep our Wolves interested in reading awesome books. By having our library stocked with a variety of books to attract, capture, and encourage the love of a good book. 


    Caring For Books

    book_care Here are some tips on caring for your library books:
    • Keep food, drinks, babies, and pets away from your books.
    • Treat your books gently.
    • Report any book damage to the library staff so they may fix the book properly.
    • Use a bookmark for saving your place in a book. Do not fold the corners of the page or use a pencil to save your place.
    • Do not turn a book down on its “face” with the pages open.
    • Keep your books dry at all times. Carry water bottles in a separate bag, far away from your books. On rainy days, be sure to put your books in a backpack and make sure your backpack stays dry and off the ground.


    Lost or Damaged Books

    Occasionally, books are lost or damaged and must be replaced.  Students and their parents are responsible for replacing the lost or damaged book, preferably with the same title in hardback format.  The replacement copy should also be in good condition.

    In the event that the replacement copy of the same title is not available, we ask that a suitable replacement title be chosen from Whitt Library's Book Wish List on Amazon.