• Week of September 10

    Posted by Michael Brinkley on 9/10/2018

    This Week in Science

    We will have fun exploring the different types of evidence of chemical change. Each day this week, with exception of Wednesday, we will be having a lab experiment.  The kids love these days as do I.  However, I doubt that it tires them out like it does me. 


    Please know that missing means that I have not yet graded the assignment.  If there is a zero, the student may make it up in a timely fashion.  Please encourage your kid to check with me if there are any Zeros in the Gradebook.  

    Wylie Way Day 

    I LOVE Wylie Way Day, and it is on WEDNESDAY.  We are asking that students wear jeans with their favorite team jersey or just a red shirt!  It is going to be so much fun as we #levelup.  


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  • Week of September 3

    Posted by Michael Brinkley on 8/31/2018


    Who knew that with this program, I would only get 3 newsletters that were pretty.  The rest cost about $59/year.  Since there are only about 5 of you reading my Newsletter anyway, I thought this format would work just fine.  

    This Week in Science

    We will begin one of my most favorite sections:  Evidence of Chemical Change.  We will start of with a blast as we learn about the evidence of Chemical Change.  

    Reteaching and Reassessment

    My goal is for students to learn what they need to learn to help them in future classes, and even in life for those pursuing a degree in sciences.  There was analogy made the other day by Education Guru and one of my heros, Mike Matos.  He said that a kid on a football field is forced to do the task, drill, or play over and over until he gets it perfect.  However, in the classroom, a kid gets a 70 and we say that is good enough.  But it is not.  I will have many different ways that I reteach, reassess, and evaluate student readiness.  I set high expectations for my students, and they climb to them.  Having said that, several students will have different activities that they will do over the course of next week in order to help them master the material they need to master.  If you have a question about grades, know that I am working with your child until they get it.  They have to work with me also.  

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