• Week of August 19

    Posted by Michael Brinkley on 8/19/2019

    Week of August 19

    Last week was a whirlwind, and I fully expect this week to be the same until we all find a rhythm.  I did indeed enjoy meeting my students last week. They are a great group of kids, and I know we will have fun together this year.  

    This week we will continue to get to know each other, learn about who we are as a reader and a writer. 

    In GT, the students will begin the process of drafting their first Article of the Week (AOW) analysis.  They will also work on the draft of their #hashtag paragraph.  

    In Pre AP, students will be drafting their #hashtag paragraph and collecting more ideas for writing.  The students will understand the process used in becoming a better writer. 


    I don't like the grading system, but I won't walk that path now.  However, we will not have many if any grades this week or next.  Please don't become alarmed if you don't see grades in the grade book right now.  I will tell you that most assignments will be due on Thursdays. 

    The district policy is 3 major grades and 9 minor grades.  I will never have less than this number and probably won't have many more.  I am not a believer in "busy work," and my classroom does not have daily practice that can be evaluated on a daily basis in the sense you would see in a math class.

    Please reach out to me if you have any questions whatsoever.    

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  • Week Of August 12

    Posted by Michael Brinkley on 8/8/2019 6:05:00 PM

    Week of August 12

    It was a pleasure to meet so many of you at Meet the Teacher.  I am excited to begin this journey with you.  As a reminder, school starts on Thursday, August 15.  

    The question of supplies still comes up, so here is the official list again:

    • Pen or Pencil
    • Paper
    • Chromebook
    • Book to read

    The School District Supply list has things such as crayons, glue, and scissors.  I will let students know when they need to bring these things for special activities. 

    PreAP & GT English

    This week we will take some time to get to know one another in our classroom and begin creating a culture conducive of creative and collaborative learning.  We will establish our social contract and begin talking out who we are as readers, writers, and thinkers.  I will be taking a black and white photo of the students on Friday for the purpose of our picture wall.  


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