Perot STEM Institute

2017-2018 Kosmos STEM teacher Institute Summer Academy Reflections

  • Presenting an Earth science lesson at the April day of learning


    Day 1 - Starting the year of Physics!  We studied energy conversions using a popper--fun!  Re-learning about transverse and longitudinal waves.




    Day 2 - Force and motion!  Looking at how the student's understanding of force and motion develops from PK through high school.  Afternoon at the Perot museum designing field trips!


    Day 3 - Lots of hands-on activities exploring Newton's laws of motion.  We learned how to facilitate a Socratic seminar.  Great lunch presentation by a KOSMOS energy engineer about STEM in the 'real' world!  




    Day 4 - Electricity and Magnetism -  we conducted experiments with static electricity.  Built an electroscope and electrophorus to track the movement of electrons.  Math Fair!