2017-2018 Reflections of my learning through the Kosmos STEM TEACHER INSTITUTE Perot Museum of Nature and Science

  • 2017-2018 Summer Mentor Academy

    Day 1 - Sound Energy

    Today we explored making transverse and longitudinal waves.  We learned that as the frequency of the wave increases the energy increases.  We used rope to model transverse waves and a slinky to model longitudinal waves.

    We also used a tuning fo and water to hear how sound waves change as they go through a new medium.

    picture 01

    Day 2 - Force and Motion

    This morning we explored different forces and motion.  I have many new ideas to to use in the classroom with my students.

    balloon car

    wind car


    This afternoon we had the chance to explore the exhibits at the Perot Museum.  


    Day 3 - Newton's Law

    Today we explored Newton's First and Second Laws of Motion.  We learned some great activities to help us understand these concepts better.


    marker 1 markers 2


    We had an interesting presentation from an engineer at Kosmos Energy about how sound is used to calculate water depth and to find oil.