2017-2018 Wylie Way Award Winners

  • “In Wylie ISD we want more than smart kids. We want good kids. There is a sense of community pride that goes beyond the classroom, beyond our schools and even beyond the successes of the Wylie ISD. It truly envelops everything. We call it simply…“the Wylie Way.”

    The Wylie Way Award winners listed below exemplify the Wylie Way and put the values of the Wylie Way into action. They truly make a difference in the lives of Wylie ISD students.

    When we launched The Wylie Way as part of our character education program we wanted to recognize those individuals and groups that make a difference, not just for what they do, but for what they stand for and how they impact others. Since August 2012 we have presented The Wylie Way Award to deserving individuals and organizations who exemplify the Wylie Way.

    We asked the community to nominate those individuals and organizations that truly exemplified the Wylie Way. An advisory board read through the dozens of suggestions and selected those that stood out. Each month during the school year we will recognize one of these winners. All of the Wylie Way award recipients will be honored at a special banquet each spring.

2019-2020 Wylie Way Award Winners

  • Wylie Way Award Winner
    Wylie Way Award Winner
    Wylie Way Award Winner
    Wylie Way Award Winner