Volunteers Needed!!

  • Want to volunteer?

    Our Cox Elementary School Library is a busy, amazing place for students to learn to engage with reading and even occasionally with STEM. As you know, due to a soon-to-be pandemic virus, our volunteering opportunities have been limited. This school year, I am pleading for volunteering help! Volunteers can assist with shelving books, routine circulation duties (help students check out books), and even come in to perform a read-aloud (please contact me for this opportunity, especially during the 2nd semester as our students perform the vast majority of read-alouds during this time). You can volunteer during your child's pack time (look for a reminder email from your child's teacher to find your pack rotation time). Please email me first so I can let the front office know, as well as to make sure I've got tasks ready for you. 

    Understand that your volunteering will show your children how much you value libraries, books, and reading -- which is a powerful message! 

    ** Please make sure you have registered as a volunteer with the district before contacting me to set up volunteering time.


    Thank you to all  our volunteers