Contracted Services

  • Determining Independent Contrator Status

    Senate Bill 9: directs school district contractors to obtain state and national criminal history background searches on their employees (including subcontractors).  Indivuduals covered by SB9 were offered employment on or after January 1, 2008. The same rule applies to independent contractors. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) will provide the results through the DPS criminal history clearinghouse (Fingerprint-based Applicnat Clearinghouse of Texas- FACT).

    • SB9 Covered Contractor Employees or Applicants Must:
      1. Work on a contract for services;
      2. Has or will have continuing duties related to the contracted services; and
      3. Has or will have direct contact with students.
        • Notes: Continuing duties: performed on a regular, repeated basis rather than infrequently or one-time only. Direct contact with students: substantial opportunity for verbal or physical interaction that is not supervised by a certified educator or other professional district employee. (Examples: unsupervised coaching, tutoring, or other services to students.)

    Background Results that Prohibit a Person from Work:

    • Convicted of a Title 5 felony against a minor or student;
    • Required to register as a sex offender because of an offense against a minor or student; or
    • The person has been convicted of a similar offense.
    Contractor Responsibilities:
    1. For covered employees, obtain state or national criminal history records, as required by statute;
    2. For employees who are not covered, maintain any conditions or precautions that prevent the employees from being covered;
    3. Upon request, provide identifying information on covered employees to the district;
    4. Prohibit contractor and subcontractor employees with disqualifying convictions from serving at a district;
    5. Certify compliance- for itself and subcontractors- to the district.

    Wylie ISD Responsibilities:

    1. Obtain certification of compliance from each contractor;
    2. Prohibit contractor and sub contractor employees with disqualifying convistions from service a district;
    3. Report to SBEC any certified contractor employees with a reported criminal history.

Contracted Services

  • Contrator Application 3 Step Process:

    1. Contracting department is responsible for ensuring all documents are completed and accurant.
    2. Department will then send agreement and supporting documents to the vendor for completing and signature.
    3. Final contract will be submitted to HR/Finance for review and approval.

District Paid- Contracted Service


    1. Contractor Application
    2. W-9
    3. Criminal History Certification
    4. Certification Regarding Debarment
    5. Independent Contractor/Consultant Status Questionnaire
    6. Bodily Injury and Property Damage Waiver
    7. HB and SB 252 Certification Addendum

Parent/Non-District Paid- Contracted Service