• Welcome to Mrs. Esther's Functional Academics in a Structured Environment Class (FASE)!


    Welcome to our classroom web page! Here, you will find the following information:

    • Classroom schedule
    • Supply List 2020-21
    • Wish List 2020-21
    • Summer tips to prep for August
    • Online resources


    Classroom Schedule:

    1st period: Lockers, morning meeting, calendar, yoga

    2nd period: Direct Instruction

    3rd period: Independent Work/Sensory Break

    A Lunch     11:00-11:30

    4th period: News-2-You, Direct Instruction

    5th period: Independent Work, Sensory Break

    6th period: Direct instruction, technology

    7th period: Partners PE

    8th period: End of Day Routine: yoga, social skills, snack, and life skills jobs. 

    This is a general schedule of how the day will run; however, this can vary a little each day. Each student has an elective class that he/she will attend in addition to the above classes.

    In addition to our regular schedule, we have our weekly Community-Based Instruction trips. We go out to the community to practice generalizing the skills that we are learning in class. We have an awesome and enriching experience on these trips! More information will be sent home when we start this instruction.


    Google Classroom:

    Information on how to locate and log on to my Google Classroom will be sent home. In this online classroom, you will find links that your student can work on at home.


    Supply List 2020-21

    • 16 count Assorted Color dry erase markers (any brand is okay)
    • 12 count dry erase markers (FINE size tip. Dollar Tree has them!)
    • 36 ct box of microwavable popcorn
    • 1 pair of small scissors (any type is fine)
    • 1 70ct Quart Size Freezer “Slider Zipper” (Great Value or Ziploc brand, blue box)
    • 4-6 boxes of Kleenex (generic is fine)
    • 3 or more rolls of paper towels
    • 1 x-large bottle hand sanitizer 
    • 1 large bottle of liquid dishwasher soap
    • 1 pkg baby wipes
    • 1 pencil box
    • 1 bottle or box dishwasher detergent/gel
    • Headphones for Chromebook use (NOTE: these will very likely break before the year is out. Please plan on replacing as we go through the year)
    • Spill-proof water bottle
    • 1 placemat, 1 cloth napkin (we need these to practice our life skills activities)
    • 1 small throw pillow and throw blanket to rest
    • Toiletry bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face soap, hairbrush (only if your student needs practice performing daily hygiene care)
    • Change of clothes and undergarments (to be kept in locker)

    * In addition to the above items, students who go out for social studies and science need:

    • 1 yellow folder with brads
    • 1 red folder with brads
    • 1 blue folder with brads
    • 1 green folder with brads
    • 1 white folder with brads
    • 1 black folder with brads
    • 1 70 page spiral (any color)
    • 2” notebook binder or a "Trapper Keeper" style binder (any color)
    • Pencil bag
    • Map pencils
    • Note: We have found that a Trapper Keeper type of system is awesome for organization!


    PERIODIC SUPPLY REFILL: You will receive a request for supply refills in the second semester for Kleenex and paper towels. I will also chat with each of you for independent incentive item preferences.

    SNACKS: Each day, we have a snack during our social skills time at during 8th period. Our lunch is at 11:00, so the students are very hungry by this time! Please send a snack for your student, either daily, or in bulk. (bag of pretzels, crackers, cereal and milk, popcorn, etc.) Ramen and CEREAL with milk were very popular with my students last year. Inevitably, the students ALWAYS eat popcorn at this time, too! Please remember us when you visit your snack aisle. Thank you!

    WEEKLY RECIPES: We regularly cook in our class! You will have the opportunity to provide the simple ingredients for our recipe every 10 weeks. Your participation is very appreciated!

    LOCKER: Your student will have a hallway locker.

    PE: We will go to PE daily with our peer buddies. 

    TEMPERATURE in classroom: The temperature varies. Please send a light jacket or hoodie to keep at school. It can get cool throughout the school year. 



    • Full size broom with dustpan
    • Small dustpan with a small brush


    Summer Tips to Prep for August:

    For current students, you are already enrolled in our Google Classroom. There are many activity links listed! As soon as I receive my class roster, I will invite new students.

    We use the Unique Learning Systems Curriculum in our classroom. There are two ways to sign in:

    1. Go to the www.n2y.com and have your student sign in. They should already know how to do this. Or...

    2. As a parent, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial of this curriculum! Go to the www.n2y.com website to sign up. Choose the "middle school" grade band. Your student can read one story a day and work on math problems in any lesson for 10 minutes. Additionally, your student can go to the News 2 You section to read the current news! This is a fabulous curriculum!  


    Class Rules

    A reminder of our class rules is always a great idea!

    Nice hands

    Nice mouth

    Do your best work!

    Nice feet

    Nice Manners

    Your student will take home a copy of our classroom rules during the first week of school.


    Online Resources:

    As soon as I receive my class roster, I will invite my new students to our Google Classroom page for online resources. 


    As always, please contact me if you have any questions!




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