•  Curriculum: 1st 9 Weeks Curriculum 
    We will be using Google Classroom & Google Drive a lot this year! :)
    Watch this...
    Click above for a Google Drive You Tube video tutorial...
    Math homework is given on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Mrs. Sears). 
    Students are encouraged to read a chapter book of their choice at home, 15-30 minutes per night. Reading comprehension homework will be on Mondays. They can check out books on library day, get books from the Wylie Public Library, or read a book from their own home collection. By the way, I am trying to build my class library and would appreciate the donation of any good quality chapter books, if you have any to spare. Thank you in advance!
    We will have grammar homework on Wednesdays.
    It is a great idea to keep a journal at home and write 1-2 paragraphs per day. You can also write your compositions on google docs by signing into google drive. Don't forget to share the file with your teacher! (carlin.liborio@apps.wylieisd.net)
    Email if you have any questions how to access google drive from home. Here are some great topics if you don't know what to write about:
    1. Finding an undiscovered planet
    2. This year, I want to learn…
    3. Hiking in the mountains
    4. My favorite family tradition
    5. My best friend is awesome because…
    6. What my family does on the 4th of July
    7. A list of things on my desk
    8. What America means to me
    9. One of my best memories
    10. Would I rather be rich or famous?
    11. Time capsules are…
    12. Something I’d like to be better at
    13. Climbing the world’s largest tower
    14. A secret garden
    15. Finding a secret room in your house
    16. Jumping on clouds
    17. Diving undersea to find a hidden temple
    18. Becoming a giant
    19. Growing up with cousins
    20. Taking an escalator to the moon