When Your Child Has a Fever

  • thermometer

    • A fever is a sign your child is fighting an infection.
    • It could be from a virus or from bacteria.
    • You could give your child Tylenol or Motrin to bring down the fever before they come to school, but this doesn't mean your child is not sick, and often, once the medicine wears off, the fever comes back.
    • It takes 24 hours without fever and without Tylenol to be sure your child is no longer sick. 
    • Call Nurse Paige anytime at school if you need information or health/illness related information about your child - 972-429-3480.

Is My Child Sick?

    • Fever of 100 or greater
    • Vomiting or diarrhea the day before school starts
    • An open, draining wound or crusty sore
    • A strange rash and/or intense itching
    • A continuous cough or wheezing


  • medicine
    • Medicine can only be given to your child medicine if it is sent it in the correct bottle and the nurse has a letter signed by you.
    • The State of Texas says the nurse must have a signed letter in order to have legal permission to treat your child.


    • Your child may have been potty trained, but waiting too long to go to the bathroom when you have to share the bathroom with many kids sometimes leads to accidents.
    • Some children always find the mud puddles and fall in them.
    • Have at least one set of dry/clean clothes at school.
    • The nurse does not have many clothes in the clinic that children can borrow.
    • Donations of clothing for PK- 4 children are always welcome!