• In order to provide the best possible communication with you we have updated our website. These pages are designed to help you navigate some of the new features of the website.

    As a parent of a Wylie ISD student, an account for the website has been automatically created for you. Your user name and password are linked to your Skyward Family Access account therefore are the same for both systems.

    You asked and we listened. You wanted important classroom information accessible from one central location in a timely and consistent manner and our website delivers. All Wylie ISD teachers will post classroom schedules, important classroom announcements and assignments to their webpages. Additionally, if they are using an external site (like Edmodo, Blogger, Facebook, etc.) for other communication, the link to that site will be on their page as well. Much of this information can be pulled into a dashboard called ‘MyView’ that you can customize yourself.

    MyView also comes with you own personal planner that you can customize to display events from all around the District, a single campus or anything in between.

    You also asked for a single sign on solution so you would not have to remember so many passwords. Again, the website delivers. Through the use of a secure password storage system called PassKeys, you can access many of the 3rd party systems and applications used within Wylie ISD. Each PassKey only need to be set up once.

    The pages on the left will help you get introduced to the website and some of the key features.

    We truly hope you enjoy using our website. And while learning something new can be difficult, it can also result in great things. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the website and if you have any questions or cannot find something, you can contact the District webmaster at webmaster@wylieisd.net.