• Wylie ISD is contracting with Pearson Connexus, who will provide a blended learning opportunity consisting of both synchronous and asynchronous instructional opportunities for students. Students will participate in one Live Lesson daily with a Pearson teacher and will have additional assignments to complete on the Pearson Education Management System with the assistance of an adult at home.  Students will participate during normal school hours and follow the Wylie ISD calendar.

    Our Virtual Vikings will be expected to work during the full school day, which consists of at least 240 minutes of instructional time.  Lunch and breaks are built into their daily schedule but are not included in the 240 minutes of instructional time.  A typical school day will include asynchronous lessons, face-to-face live instruction, independent work online, and independent paper and pencil assignments.


  • Virtual learning academy timeline between september 6 and november 29, 2021. Details are below.

    • September 6, 2021: VLA application closed
    • September 15, 2021: Parents notified
    • September 16, 2021: Parent meeting with Pearson and Wylie ISD
    • September 20, 2021: Final parent commitment
    • September 27, 2021: First  day of VLA
    • November 17-19, 2021: 2nd-semester application open
    • January 5, 2022: 2nd-semester of VLA begins

Student Criteria

    • 4th, 5th and 6th-grade students that met the standards on all STAAR tests from the previous year
    • Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade students wo score above 45th percentile on both reading and math MAP BOY Fall 2021
    • Fewer than 10 unexcused absences and fewer than 17 total absences (excused or unexcused) in the 20-21 school year
    • Semester grades and final grades from 20-21 school year in core subjects (math, RLA, writing, science and social studies) must all be above 70.
    • Students who were ineligible for the first semester remain ineligible for the second semester, as criteria have not changed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will tutoring be offered if my child needs more face-to-face assistance past the allotted live, synchronous instruction?

  • Why is this only offered for K-6?

  • What are the school hours for Virtual Learning Academy?

  • Will the Virtual Learning Academy follow Wylie ISD's academic calendar?

  • Why are you requiring students to meet specific academic and attendance standards?

  • Are students in special education eligible for the Virtual Learning Academy?

  • For students with learning disabilities, what services will be offered?

  • Will the Virtual Learning Academy be available next school year?

  • Why can my student not participate in their home campus’ field trips and field day events?

  • Does the district have authority to move a student back to their home campus if academic and disciplinary standards are not met?

  • Who will I contact if I have a problem/question?

  • Will tutoring be offered if my child needs more face-to-face assistance past the allotted live, synchronous instruction?

  • Is Wylie ISD accepting out-of-district students into the Virtual Learning Academy?