• Welcome to Science!


    Environmental Systems

    In this class students will be explorers, researchers, and advocates of the natural world.  We will discover the mechanisms that make life on our planet possible, and the role of humans in maintaining stability.  


    In this class students will become engineers.  We will investigate the principals of motion and use them to evaluate, utilize, and build simple machines that will do work. 

    Classroom Expectations

    All assignments and class announcements can be found through Google Classroom daily.

    Students are expected to check and complete any missed assignments and submit them in accordance with the WISD grading policy.



    Tutorials will be held during Power Hour on Tuesday and Thursday during A lunch.


    The fastest way to communicate with me is through email.  I will respond to all emails within 24 hours.  nietowhk@wylieisd.net



Degrees and Certifications: