• Wylie (TX) High School Sports - Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball,  Volleyball, and more | MaxPrepsTesting Center Room 236



    Mornings 7:30- 8:50          

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    No tests started after 8:30



    Lunch 12:40-1:35          


    No tests started after 1:05  (12:45 during the activity schedule)                                                              


    After school 4:30-6:30  

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    No tests started after 6:00  



    1. Sign in with your name, teacher, subject, and time.


    1. Put cell phones, smartwatches, and food at the front of the room.


    1. Bring a writing instrument.


    1. Give the proctor your teacher’s name, your name, and the name of the quiz or test.


    1. No materials, notes, books, or chrome books are allowed unless indicated by the teacher – calculators are provided if allowed.


    1. Tests must be finished during testing time.  All tests will be put in teachers’ mailboxes at the end of the period.  Partial tests will also be put in teachers’ mailboxes.  You may not return later to complete a test unless the teacher puts it back in the testing center.