• Greetings from Mrs. Em's 6th grade Science class!


     My Class Schedule:

    Block 1  

     8:15 am - 9:20 am 

     6th Adv Science

    Block 2

     9:23 am - 10:28 am

     6th Adv Science

    Block 3

     10:31 am - 11:43 am

     6th Adv Science


     11:46 am - 12:16 pm



     12:19 pm -  12:29 pm


    BUC Round Up

     12:34 pm - 1:14 pm 


    Block 4

     1:17 pm - 2:22 pm

     6th On-Level Science


     2:22 pm - 3:25 pm



    Google Classroom:

    I have a google classroom setup for each of my Science classes.

    Students will need their school email and password to login to google classroom from home. 

    School email and password:

    First three letters of last name, first three letters of first name, last three numbers of ID number @apps.wylieisd.net

    Jake Johnson 012345 is johjak345@apps.wylieisd.net

    I do not have access to student passwords.  Please see Mrs. Unger if a password needs to be reset.