• Hello,


    I want to take the chance to welcome you to the Holley House.  I call my class this because when students enter my room, I want them to know that it is a safe place to learn.


    I am your student's math advocate this year, and I am excited to do so.  This just means that I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that your student is given every opportunity to succeed.  My philosophy is simple; work hard each day, and have fun.  When I am planning for class, I look at the lesson and try to make sure that the students will enjoy it.  A happy student is a successful one.


    We are going to make it a great year,

    Dusty Holley



    Masters of Education-A&M Commerce

    Bachelor Business-UTD



    Principal as Instructional Leader

    Texas Certificate of Mathematices 4-8

    Texas Certificate Generalists 4-8





  • Imagine Math


    This program is an adaptive program that gages the math level of your student.  As your students works on lessons, the program will progress them as they succeed, and support them when your student needs more help.  


    Imagine math will also support your student when they are working from home.  If they got a problem correct, you student will know it instantly, and if your student needs extra help, then there are examples, videos, formula charts, calculators, and LIVE TEACHERS.  


    Your student is expected to PASS two lessons a week, and after three weeks, I will take a daily grade for Imgine Math.  For example, if your student finish five out of six lessons in three weeks, they will receive a 83.




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