ADVISORY [October 14, 2016]: Wylie ISD is currently experiencing major growth and is not accepting Out of District Transfers at this time.

Intra-district Policies & Guidelines for Wylie ISD Students

Intra-district transfers are permitted for elementary and intermediate schools in WYLIE ISD based on classroom availability. Parents wishing to transfer to an elementary and intermediate school not in their zone are required to provide transportation as Wylie ISD does not provide transportation for transfer students. Parents need to be aware that as their child completes his/her time at intermediate school, he/she will be required to attend his/her home campus for 7th grade. Wylie ISD only accepts transfers to junior high and high school based on extreme circumstances. Once a decision is made for a student to transfer to a junior high or high school, it is irrevocable unless extenuating circumstances exist. If a family moves to a different WYLIE ISD zone during the school year, their children will be allowed to finish school in attendance at their current school with the parent providing transportation. The following school year, however, these students will be required to attend the school in which they are zoned. If a student is a junior in high school and his/her family moves to the other high school zone, the student will be allowed to complete his/her senior year at the current high school.