Become a Classroom Teacher in Texas

For information about obtaining your Texas Certification, "Becoming a Teacher" and other certification information, please contact the Texas Education Agency:

TEA Education Certification Website or Phone: (512) 936-8400 

Alternative Certification Programs

Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and wish to become an educator in Texas?
Alternative certification programs (ACP’s) offer a nontraditional certification route that may allow you to teach while completing the requirements. Visit the TEA website for more information on becoming a Texas Educator through an ACP.

Highly Qualified Paraprofessional

 Must meet one of the following requirements to be considered HQ:
•2 years of study at an institution of higher education [48 semester hours (or equivalent trimester hours)]
•Associate’s (or higher) degree; or 
•Met a rigorous standard of quality through a formal state/local assessment

Certification Contact

Tara Matthews
Director of Human Resources