Service Records/Personnel Records

Complete a personnel record request form to obtain a copy of your records or to have these documents sent to another district. It is important that you include a current contact telephone number when submitting your request in case HR has any additional questions.
Please Note: Records will be provided 30 days after the date of the request or the last day of employment; whichever is later. If you resigned at the end of the school year, your records will be processed after June 28th.

Questions, please contact:
Annu Verma
Staffing Coordinator
Office: (972) 429-3033
Fax: (972) 941-6033

Loan Forgiveness

Please contact or fax loan forgiveness forms to:
Tara Matthews
Director of Human Resources
Office: (972) 429-3034
Fax: (972) 941-6034

Verification of Employment

Please contact or fax a written request to:
Wylie ISD Payroll Department
Office: (972) 429.3030, opt. 2
Fax: (972) 941.6097