Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) and Other Appraisal Tools

Questions, Please Contact:

Recruitment and Development Coordinator
(972) 429-3066
Tara Matthews
Director of Human Resources
(972) 429-3034 

Appraise/T-TESS FAQ

Do not have a goal document?
  • Goal documents will show up once an appraiser assigns an employee an appraisal type.  Once that is complete, a goal document will automatically be assigned to the employee.
Do not have a signature button?
  • Please be sure to always use google chrome instead of internet explorer when using Appraise.
  • Be sure both parties have completed their part of the appraisal.
Forgot Security Question?
  • On the first screen in eduphoria click on "My Profile" and it will allow you to update your profile and set a new security question.  You should then be able to  sign your appraisal.  

Campus Appraisers

Setting up your employees in your Appraise Management screen:

Eduphoria> Appraise> Evaluations> Appraiser Setup> Click on the Employee’s name> Select “I will evaluate this staff member using:”> Select the appropriate appraisal type option for that employee.

Appraisal Type Options:
  • Teacher: T-TESS (Teachers that were going to be assigned to PDAS for 16-17)
  • Teacher: Goal Setting (Teachers that were going to be on PPR for 16-17)
  • Clerical/Technical Para (Office staff)
  • Counselor
  • Director/Coordinator/Professional (District level staff)
  • Instructional/Library Aide
  • Librarian (Certified) (Grades 6-12)
  • Nurse
  • SRO